The Classical Child® Titles

Classical Child IS BORN


Sparkling arrangements of well-loved pieces by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven make it perfect for babies.

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Classical Child DREAMS


Dreamy arrangements of specially-selected  classics for a magical bedtime or for calming.

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Classical Child AT PLAY


Fun music for kids whether they are in the backyard, traveling in the car or playing at home.

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Classical Child's CHRISTMAS


A charming collection of eighteen holiday classics, festively arranged to delight children of all ages.

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Classical Child AT THE BALLET


An irresistible collection of well-loved classics that will make children dance with delight!

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Classical Child AT THE OPERA


Will give children a taste of the magic, majesty and humor of this glorious art form. 

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Classical Child EARLY TO BED


 A soothing collection of classics perfectly suited for bedtime – Blended with  the gentle sounds of crickets, evoking the warmth and magic of a summer's evening.

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Classical Child EARLY TO RISE


A joyful offering of classics wonderful for morning time and to enjoy throughout the day.  Each piece is accompanied by a light chorus of morning song-birds.

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A video of  Mozart's version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star from The Classical Child® Early To Bed CD.

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