The Classical Child®

The Classical Child®

The Classical Child®The Classical Child®The Classical Child®

Award-Winning Classical Music Made Especially for Kids!

Eight Titles available on CD, Digital Streaming & Downloads

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Music to Grow-up with

Appropriate for babies and young children, The Classical Child® is a delightful collection of unique, fun and sparkling arrangements of the classics designed to encourage them to dance, play, sing and even go to sleep.


A Special Note to Parents

Much has been made of the benefits of classical music on a child’s mental development. Yet, in a much larger sense, it’s impossible to measure the positive effects of truly inspired music on the whole person — mind, body and spirit.  With the kind of innocence and receptivity that we often find in the very young, playing the classics to them certainly can enrich their lives. But this often happens in ways that we may not be able to grasp, except in those simple moments of sheer joyfulness, when in a word or a smile, the recognition of something extraordinary is shared. And, in that moment, music has inspired us together. 

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