The Classical Child Is Born

The Classical Child® IS BORN

THE CLASSICAL CHILD IS BORN Classical music for newborns couldn't come more sweetly bundled than in The Classical Child Is Born. It’s a gentle welcome to very young children to the world of classical music. Sparkling arrangements of well-loved pieces by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven make it perfect for babies. Watch them light up and move to the rhythm as they hear these specially-selected light & magical sonatas and symphonies.

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Customer Review

"…My 3 month old absolutely HATES being in the infant carrier…she fusses and cries. But, the day I put in the Classical Child IS BORN CD, she didn't cry or fuss once while we were in the car and, yes, she was awake!…Thank you for making such great music for kids! I will definitely purchase and recommend this to other moms I know!”

Leslie Zander   (Amazon Reviews)